All Natural Immune System Boosters

Natural Immune System BoostersEverywhere you turn these days you hear people talking about getting healthy. Getting healthy is great, but how do you start? You start with your immune system. A healthy immune system will help keep you from getting sick. I am not talking about just the flu, but getting sick, as in combating against diseases and tumors.

To “boost” your immune system means just that, giving it added support. There are many different products available on the market today that boast that they are the best, so how do you find which the best is really? I first start by looking for all natural, of course it has to state it is an antioxidant, and then I look in my home to see if any are already there and available for my use.

If you look into your spice cabinet I will bet there are jars labeled garlic, ginger and maybe even cayenne pepper. Spicing your food with these great ingredients can have more than just a great reaction with your taste buds, but with your immune system as well.


Everyone by now has heard how healthy garlic is for them. It has been studied and used for many years on many different ailments and illnesses. One study has found that garlic has a helped people with cardiovascular problems by reducing the build up of cholesterol on the vascular walls. It has also been used for helping to fight off the common cold. It is also very useful as an all natural antioxidant and boosts your immune system. So, spice up that beef with some garlic or get some garlic oil capsules, they can be found in just about every grocery store, pharmacy and natural food store, nationwide.

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You have probably, at some time, had someone tell you to drink some ginger ale if you had an upset stomach. It is because ginger has been known for years to be a digestive aid and help with things like upset stomachs, nausea and vomiting. It is also known to help cut cholesterol as it keeps it from sticking to the artery walls. Ginger has such a wonderful aroma to it, so bake the ginger snaps and eat up. This is another wonder spice that just is too good to pass up.

Cayenne Pepper

When you think of hot peppers, that you find in just about any spicy dish, the first little, red, hot, devil that comes to mind is the cayenne pepper. This hot pepper not only gives life to many dishes it is also great for many medical uses as well. For centuries people have been using cayenne to cure things from headaches to helping with a heart attack. One of the best websites I have found is . It gives a break down of every use for cayenne and then some. So grab that big bowl of chili and spice it up with loads of cayenne.


Some other very wonderful antioxidants are green tea, Echinacea, vitamin E, vitamin C and Sage.

Sage is another wonderful herb. It has been used world wide for one ailment or another. It has been known to help with excess sweating to insect bites. Sage has made a name for itself in the medical community as a little wonder spice. Clinical studies have found that the substance found in sage oil may also offer antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral effects.

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Echinacea is another wonder herb. It has been widely known as an antioxidant for many years. It is also being used to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and to treat urinary tract infections. You can find Echinacea in just about every natural food store there is in the form of capsules.

Getting Vitamin C into your diet shouldn’t be too hard of a task. It is found in most citrus fruits as well as in many vegetables. Vitamin C has been used for years to help with the cure of common colds, flu and even high blood pressure. It acts as an antioxidant and helps to boost the immune system.

Another great vitamin that your body needs is Vitamin E. Foods that are high in vitamin E are almonds, asparagus, nuts, peanuts, olives, spinach and whole list more. The medical benefits from vitamin e range from keeping cholesterol low to reducing heart attacks and are a widely known antioxidant.