Bumps on Elbows – Causes & Treatments

bumps on elbowsBumps on elbows causes from a varied array of causes which range from skin rashes to abscesses. Each and every cause comprise of an individual group of diagnosis, symptoms along with the treatment. These can range in varied sizes, being small to large. Some might also be so tiny which can be mistaken for skin rash. When the rashes are seen close by then, it can be understood that the tiny bumps are clumped together.

Some of the bumps can be even treated with the help of home remedies, whereas some require you to visit the dermatologist or a physician for treatment. The bumps caused on elbows is not that common, but it does take place, regardless of the gender, race or age.

Causes of bumps on elbows

The elbows, just like other parts of the skin are subjected to dryness and scaling. While you wear a sleeveless or a short sleeve shirt, the elbow comes in contact with varied distinct materials throughout the entire day. This further makes you to be susceptible to the condition named contact dermatitis. This is caused by a reaction of allergies that the elbow comes in contact with, during the course of the day. Following are the causes of bumps on the elbows.

1. Viral infections

This help in striking any local area of the body while causing rash, blisters, bumps, inflammation along with bumps. If this causes, it lasts up to for several number of days while then goes away slowly.

2. Rash

Rash causes resultant bumps which is a result of many things which include fungal infection or bacterial infection.

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3. Atopic dermatitis

This is a kind of rash which usually affects children. This is usually associated with a kind of allergy which includes detergents, cosmetics or even foods.

4. Psoriasis

This skin disorder affects body parts where the dry skin has been accumulated such as the elbows. Oily skin gets affected but however dry skin in increasingly susceptible. The main symptoms include red colored scaly patches which are a chronic condition that usually comes and goes.

There are also non itchy bumps which cause on elbows. Following are its causes.

1. Cysts

These growths comprise of liquid, semi-liquid or any gaseous substance. The cysts range from very small to large ones. This is a result of varied things which include obstruction in the blood flow, infections, and inflammatory conditions. Usually, these are not that harmful and go away on own. When they get increasingly large, it has the capability to interfere in the daily activities while leaving you drained.

2. Lyme disease

This medical condition is caused due to bacterium named Borrelia burgdorferi which is caused by a tick bite. At the tick bite’s site, you might notice a red bump that makes you notice the increase of redness while starting to form a pattern of bull’s eye. The best treatment is to take antibiotics.

3. Shingles

This is a result of the same virus which causes chickenpox. Even after you get cured from the chickenpox, the strains present in the virus remains in the body. When the strains get flared up, it causes burning rash which is a result of small bumps of red color.

4. Granuloma annulare

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This usually affects young adults along with children. This gets manifested in red colored bumps caused on the elbows which are not itchy and occurs in rings which are circular shaped. This can usually be treated using steroid ointments along with creams which help in clearing the bumps caused on the elbows. The physicians along with dermatologists use the steroid injections in addition to oral medications.

Itchy bumps present on elbows

This is another kind of bumps caused on elbows which are extremely itchy. Following are its causes.

1. Dermatitis Herpetiformis

This is an extremely common cause along with being a chronic condition of the skin. The usual symptoms are the bumps or blisters which are watery fluid. The itching can be extremely severe at specific times. Anti-itching medication can be used in the area in order to get rid of the medical condition.

2. Scabies

The medical condition is a result of tiny mites which get burrowed under the skin. These red bumps become extremely itchy. It is a contagious condition which spreads through the human contact.

3. Poison ivy/ oak

This results from oily allergen which is present in roots and stems along with leaves. The place where the reaction occurs, you can notice blisters of red skin which get accompanied by intense itching. Over-the-counter medication can be used to help with the itching. In severe cases, it is important to show to the dermatologist.

4. Olecranon bursitis

This is an inflammation which helps the joints to move smoothly. This affects the olecranon bursa that is located in the back of the elbow. This is a result of injury which causes the build-up of fluid along with bleeding. It also causes infection or any kind of inflammation from a condition which is inflammatory.

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Treatment of bumps on elbows

1. Rubbing of banana peel on the elbows

You need to rub the peel of a banana in circular motion in order to reduce dryness. This fruit is rich in the vitamin C that consists of antibiotic along with antifungal components.

2. Exfoliation

You need to regularly exfoliate which is an extremely harmless and bothersome condition which is responsible for the texture of the skin present on the elbows. Keratin is a protein which builds block promoting healthy hair, skin and nails. It helps in softening the skin.

3. Moisturize

Milk is an extremely handy material for the soothing soak. Use of thick creams along with petroleum jelly helps in reducing the bumps. It should be applied twice a day. There are varied over the counter options which comprise of lactic acid, urea, beta-hydroxyl acids that fight the bumps. Jojoba oil can be massaged in the dry elbows.

4. Consultation of doctor

It is extremely important to consult a doctor when situations go out of control. Along with proper medication, consultation by a doctor also is essentially important to ensure protection and healthiness.