get rid of a cough

How To Get Rid Of A Cough

A cough is the most common impulse action that can clear the throat of mucus or strange irritants. It affects the person easily in the different situations and it mostly affects along…

get rid of hair bumps

How To Get Rid Of Hair Bumps

Whenever you are shaving your head, you may develop unpleasant bumps that are appeared on your scalp. These kinds of the bumps are often called as the hair bumps or the razor…

Boost Your Childs Immune System

Best Boosters for a Child’s Immune System

The immune system is a intricate and vital body system that helps to protects fight off various ailments that come from things like viruses, germs and bacteria. It’s important to take good…

Natural Immune System Boosters

All Natural Immune System Boosters

Everywhere you turn these days you hear people talking about getting healthy. Getting healthy is great, but how do you start? You start with your immune system. A healthy immune system will…

Foods to Boost Your Immune System

8 Foods to Boost Your Immune System

A sound and effective immune system is vital to maintaining good health. It is our bodies’ protection from illness and disease, fighting everything from chicken pox to cancer to the common cold….

Treating Kidney Stones

Diagnosing and Treating Kidney Stones

Most people who have had kidney stones can recall only one thing about their experience: pain. In fact, the pain the stone causes as it passes through the urinary tract has been…


Why We Can’t Live Without Cholesterol

How can this be so? How can cholesterol be so important to our health and yet characterized as a “poison” by some? Well, the “they” who characterize cholesterol as “bad” (or “good”…

Lower Cholesterol

Lower Your Cholesterol – 5 Easy Steps

It is not uncommon to find articles on lowering cholesterol, featuring common foods. Many of them can be found online (often with cholesterol lowering drugs advertised on the side) or in magazines….


Why is Yawning Contagious?

There you are, in a crowded train, long day at work, minding your own business and looking forward to getting home. Then you feel it, growing in your mouth and before you…

Belly Button

Ways to Prevent Belly Button Infection

While the belly button can be considered a fairly-innocuous part of the body, you might want to look closer. Usually, when people inspect their belly button, the most they would expect is…