How To Get Rid Of A Stye

get rib of a styeHave you ever had one before? A stye is one of the worst facial problems you can contract. Not only is it irritating in terms of comfort, it also looks quite ugly on your face.

And as with all beauty problems, you have to learn how to deal with “bumps” that show up on your face. In this article, I’m going to show what you need to do to deal with a stye, and eventually get it off of your face.

(1) Avoid make up until you get rid of the stye

make-upIt could be the makeup that is the reason for the stye in your eye. Just like a pimple, a stye is a bump that forms due to the accumulation of oils or bacteria in the pores of your eyelids.

When you apply makeup to your eyelids, you risk further agitation of the stye. This will cause it to either pop, making an ugly scar on your eyelids, or it will make your eyes so uncomfortable that you will blink too much.

In fact, the tears that may get released to wash out the irritation of your eyes, will actually compromise your makeup. It’ll make you look like someone who just had a “breakup sulk.”

Also, if possible, get rid of the old makeup you were using. The materials that make up… the makeup, might be the reason for the stye development. You may be allergic to the materials, or the materials may encourage blocked pores in your eyes.

Ask experts in the makeup industry and see if you can find replacements for your old beauty gear.

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(2) Do not pop the stye

noThis is something that is extremely dangerous to do. You don’t want to end up risking a leak of the harmful oil and bacteria into your eye, therefore causing an eye infection.

Dealing with a stye, just like with the average facial pimple, requires patience on your part. Deal with it slowly, and give time to go away on its own.

Also, if you do choose to pop a stye, you’re going to spend a few days where applying makeup is going to be impossible. The popped stye may risk a skin inflammation as a result of the chemicals of your eye makeup.

Long story short, let the stye die on its own.

(3) Try not to use ointments as much as possible. Use water instead.

Your eyes are extremely valuable. You don’t want to use a wrong chemical that may damage your eye by accident.

Instead of using chemicals, you may want to use warm water. Using warm water close to your eyes may encourage the pores to open up, releasing the oils and bacteria clogged up within. You can try using a steam bath too if necessary.

But as a last resort, if you see no hope of getting rid of that stye by a deadline (assuming you’re a fashion model or something), then you may want to consult your doctor for an effective remedy, that is sure to not damage your eye.

You can never be too careful when protecting your eyes.

(4) Avoid situations that may cause further “oil” build up

Makeup may not be the only factor contributing to the pimples around your face, and specifically that stye. It could be an unhygienic environment that you have to deal with.

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Are you spending most of your time at home? If you are, then there might be some dust that you need to take care of, or some house clean-ups you need to do. It could be the unclean water supply at home that is damaging your eyes. That’s another thing you’ll need to check out.

Do you have to work in an environment that is quite disgusting and unhealthy? In that case, you may want to use protective gear when dealing with such environments (in the case of the stye here, you may need protective goggles).

(5) Avoid foods that may cause buildup of facial oils

fast foodYou may be a fast-food lover. You might be someone who relies too much on fried foods, and anything that’s oily, especially since they’re easier to prepare.

Having a stye in this case, may be a sign that you need to change your dieting habits. Start eating healthy, and make sure you approach foods that are not oily. I’m not saying avoid fats completely, since they are necessary for a healthy body. Simply cut out the harmful ones.

A good addition to your diet in this case may be chilly food. Chilly makes your body hot, encouraging you to sweat, and effectively opening up the clogged pores in your eyes that form the stye. Don’t worry though, this is only temporary. You shouldn’t excessively consume chili, especially since it can cause you digestion problems in the long-run.

That’s it!

A stye is an unfortunate reality that many people have to deal with on an ongoing basis. I’ve had to deal with it myself before. As such, I readily welcome any kind of commentary, or even criticism, which would help improve and remove sties, making them problems of the past.

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So if you’ve got a suggestion, don’t forget to share them!