Heart attack symptoms in women over 40, 50, 60

heart attacks in women
heart attacks in women

The heart is called as the most vital organ in our body that is performing the major role to keep a person alive. There are other organs and body part too but no one got this much importance. However, there are many diseases related to it and heart attack is one of that.

There can be many reasons that a person can face heart attack issue but the major one is clogging in blood vessels that interrupt the blood flow. If someone doesn’t want to face any sort of issue in future then there are many methods to help in it. However, it is better to know the symptoms for future safety.

Women are a major one to face heart attack issue and these occur over the age. Most of the women over 40, 50 and 60 have a different rate of facing heart attack issue. The major one can let someone know that something is going to happen soon and try some easy to follow treatment.

Causes of Heart Attack

A woman is below 40 and she has normal blood pressure as well as the cholesterol level also in control so there are no chances that she can face any sort of issue related to heart attack, right? Not so true. Cholesterol and blood pressure can be the reason behind heart attack but not always. There are some other reasons too.

Mainly, it happens due to blockage in blood flow vessel and you may be the thinking that it can be cholesterol but no, it’s not. The innermost layer of the artery which is supplying blood start to supply blood tears out of blue can cause a clot. This flap can easily block the flow of blood and it becomes hard for the heart to pump blood and it stops working.

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It is called as SCAD it happens with most of the woman during the pregnancy stage or it can happen after pregnancy. Even there are a woman with connectivity tissue disorder and they face issues. it also increases the rate of facing the issue. The symptoms can be noticed in older people but these change according to the age group of a woman.

Classic Heart Attack Symptoms

There are many symptoms and if it is about classic heart attack to a woman then the below-given symptoms are common and one can easily find these.

  1. There are chances of facing chest pain. Even a victim can face issues like pressure on the chest. Some says that they feel like something heavy is on their chest that makes them feel to collapse.
  2. A victim can gradual onset with things like waxing and waning occurring due to the intensity.
  3. The radiation of pain start growing and one can face pain in the shoulder. Even it can be more in left corner and chances of facing heart attack increases. The neck, lower jaw, back upper abdomen are common parts where a woman feels
  4. The shortness of breath indicates that one person is facing issue while breathing and the sweat beading on the forehead is common to find. Even a person can feel cold and clammy and fatigue issue can occur at this time.
  5. The pain called as angina can easily last 2 to 5 minutes and it is the pain of heart attack which will be last for thirty minutes easily. These can increase pain and cause much more issues.
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These are common in a normal person but when this is about women then the symptoms can vary normally.

Heart Attack Symptoms For Women

Some of the symptoms are common with classic heart attack symptoms and one can easily find these with women too. But, the difference in heart attack to women is –

  1. Sudden weakness
  2. Breathing issue (shortness)
  3. Upper abdominal pain
  4. Burning sensation
  5. Body aches
  6. Feeling of illness

The symptoms are same for women in age group of 40 to 60 but there are chances that the issue can vary. Most of the time, clogging is an issue but there is cholesterol and blood pressure. Women with anxiety more likely to face heart attack issue in future. A woman can find these symptoms and if someone wants to eradicate this issue then there are some easy methods which can help.  The first thing to calm down and breathe properly, we will talk about it later.

Consult With Doctor

If you ever feel the issue given above then there is need of a proper consultation and one should focus on consulting as soon as possible to know the issue. Many tests will be a help and patient’s body will go through a proper examination. The common issues are given above and one can easily know that what the issue is. The treatment will start after it.

A woman above the age of 40 will be suggested to medication so that clogging can be eradicated by all the possible methods available. However, there are chances that doctor can suggest surgery as the only suggestion.

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In order to stay away from such issues, one should do regular exercise but as we told, some woman can’t find any issue in beginning and they lately face heart attack issue so it will be better to stay around someone for most of the time. Taking breath properly and coughing can help in prevention too.

It is really an important thing to take care in early ages otherwise chances of facing issues lately are higher. If someone has the symptoms of heart attack then he/she should avoid taking alcohol. Even taking balanced diet and nutritious food can help in many ways and it is better as well as reliable option to go with.


The possible treatment available is to take medication and it can vary according to conditions like age, clogging and every single factor making you sick. A consultation will be a better option than concluding on your own about this situation. Hope, the above-given information will help in knowing all the important factors easily.