Home Cellulite Treatment

Home Cellulite TreatmentIf you are fighting cellulite on any part of your body, you may want to try this home cellulite treatment. It is inexpensive and may give results as good as expensive lotions and spa treatments. One of the ingredients often used in cellulite treatments is caffeine and that is the main ingredient of this home cellulite treatment. Caffeine increases circulation and the theory is that increased circulation helps breakdown cellulite.

What You Will Need For Home Cellulite Treatment

• Used coffee grounds
• Oil (olive, vegetable, grape seed, your choice. I prefer olive oil.)
• Newspaper
• Plastic wrap
• Old sheet, smooth blanket or quilt (coffee can stain)
• Old robe (coffee can stain)

Time Required For Home Cellulite Treatment

You will need from 45 minutes to 1 hour to prepare, apply, rest and clean up for this treatment. The first time you will definitely need the hour. As you become more adept at the process you will cut your time. (Be sure to read the tips at the end of this article for making this process efficient and minimizing mistakes.)

Mixing Home Cellulite Treatment

You will need a sufficient amount of used coffee grounds to apply to all areas you wish you treat. Mix just enough oil with the used coffee grounds to make them slippery. You don’t want ‘soup.’ Once you have thoroughly mixed the two ingredients, set it aside.

Preparation for Home Cellulite Treatment

• Lay out newspaper wherever you intend to apply the mixture.
• Measure and cut plastic wrap for the areas of your body you intend to treat keeping it flat and easy to access (within reach of your application area).
• Draw water in the sink or have a pan of water nearby for rinsing the mixture from your hands before applying the wrap.
• Have your old robe within reach of your application area.
• Spread your old sheet, smooth blanket or quilt over the area where you intend to rest during treatment.
• Warm the mixture in the microwave. The amount of time will depend on the quantity-anywhere from 30 seconds up, depending on how warm you want it.
• Have a trashcan or trash bag nearby for the used newspaper and plastic wrap.

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If you have high blood pressure or other reasons that you should not intake caffeine, consult your physician before trying this home cellulite treatment.

Application of Home Cellulite Treatment

Scoop up some of the mixture with your hand and rub it gently into the area you wish to treat. Apply all the mixture for all areas, before rinsing your hands, then rinse your hands and wrap each area with the plastic wrap. You want the wrap tight, but not cutting off your circulation. Now relax for thirty minutes, giving the mixture time to be absorbed.

When the time is up, step back onto your newspaper and remove your plastic wrap. Roll up the newspaper with the plastic wrap inside and place in trash. Shower off the mixture. You will need to use soap.


For me, this home cellulite treatment is an energizer. After treatment, I feel tingly and my skin feels smooth. Does it work? I have not taken any scientific approach or measurements that I can offer as proof. All I can say is that I do it once a week and I have noticed a difference. Beyond what it may or may not do for the cellulite, it ensures that I take time for myself and it makes me feel good.


• Coffee grounds are a bit like sand, they get everywhere. I recommend the shower for application and wrap removal. This makes clean up easier.
• Choose someplace comfortable for resting and be sure to spread out that old sheet or blanket to catch the grounds that drop off. Make sure the book you want to read, the television controls and your iced tea are within reach. You do not want to be wandering around too much once you are wrapped.
• Applying the wrap can be daunting the first time, but you will eventually get the hang of it. Let gravity work for you when applying the plastic wrap. Lay the wrap over the top of your arm with the wrap hanging to the outside of your arm, then reach under and pull it up. On the thighs, place wrap on the front of your thigh, then wrap the outer thigh and pull through across the inner thigh. (It is easier if you have someone else do the wrapping for you, but we don’t all have that convenience.)
• Wait until you have completed your rest cycle before attempting to roll up the newspaper. You don’t want to be moving around too much once you are wrapped.
• Rinse off as much of the mixture as possible, before washing. This creates less irritation.
• If you plan to repeat this process and reuse the robe and sheet, you can just shake them out, but remember that coffee can stain.
• The thirty minutes rest is a good time for other beauty treatments such as a facial mask, doing your nails or applying a cold pack to your eyes.

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