Hypertension or High Blood Pressure: Alternative Treatments

High Blood Pressure Alternative TreatmentsMy blood pressure is up. How can I bring it down and keep my doctor happy with me?

Well, you could take those expensive pharmaceuticals that the doctor is holding out for you to take, or you could try meditation to relax along with regular exercise. Both of these tools have been shown to work well but if you are like most of us, you exercise sporadically and meditating is not something that comes easily to us. We all know how hypertension, or high blood pressure, can effect out lives by adding to the risk of stroke and placing us at increased risk for problems with our hearts, our vision, kidneys and reproductive health.

There are other tools that you can use that will help to lower your blood pressure. They are herbs. Some of them will tone the walls of your arteries making them strongly supple, while others will work on the kidneys enhancing their water and salt shedding abilities. Still other herbs have different ways of working but they do work.

They do not give you a free pass to gobble up that bag of salty snacks or to have a feast extraordinaire on that grease laden fried chicken but if you continue to behave with your diet and continue to exercise, they may be enough to put your blood pressure back to where it should be. Some may take days or even weeks to take their full effect and their effects can be subtle. Other herbs are rather quick to take effect. When combined wisely with exercise and stress relief techniques, they can make a big difference in your health and your blood pressure. They may be able to allow you to avoid starting that blood pressure pill that the Dr. nudging you towards.

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One herb that is known to help to control hypertension is hawthorn berries, these amazing little berries improve the muscle tone in the tiny muscles that surround your blood vessels, they make those vessels more elastic so that they give instead of rigidly resisting the flow of blood. Just a few tiny hawthorn berries in the bottom of your morning tea can help to bring your blood pressure down. Hawthorn berries also help to resolve the pain of hemorrhoids and varicose veins.

Celery is a pretty amazing vegetable, if eaten regularly it will not only lower your blood pressure but, as a welcome side effect, it will reduce your cholesterol. The fiber in celery is a welcome addition for your colon too.

Bananas, yes the monkeys got this one right, they improve blood pressure by adding potassium to the blood stream. The increase in blood level of potassium helps the kidneys function more efficiently when shedding both waste and fluid. The shedding of the waste and fluid is like letting the air out of your car’s tires. The tire pressure goes down as will your blood pressure. Mash a banana on toast instead of butter, it’s a delicious way to loose a few calories from your diet.

Hibiscus flower, a delicious herbal tea additive, makes a pretty amazing health contribution. It can reduce the blood pressure ten or more percent, both in the diastolic and the systolic pressure (that’s both numbers). Look for herbal tea with hibiscus flowers in the ingredient list.

Of course garlic works wonders too. Garlic lowers blood pressure very effectively as well as lowering cholesterol. It has other healthy benefits that are too numerous to mention here. Suffice it to say it is a heart healthy addition to your routine.

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We all have been counseled on the evils of salt but unless we are diabetic no one mentions the role sugar plays in inflaming our systems. Avoiding highly concentrated refined sugar in our diets can help to lower our chance for health problems overall.

With these dietary changes and a common sense exercise program you should be on the way to better health.

Relax, enjoy life, be happy and stay healthy.