How Long Do Hickeys Last?

hickeyYou wake up after a night and there is this huge red blob on the side of your neck and there is nothing you can do to get rid of it. You prepare yourself for all the teasing that are on their way from your friends. Well, hickeys, as they are conventionally called, are the kiss marks or the love bites that are the result of an aggressive yet passionate biting, kissing or even sucking on the skin. Many couples tend to enjoy giving and even on the receiving it and “mark-up” their significant other.

Our body has several numbers of blood vessels which are crucial for the transportation of the blood. Hickeys are simply the clotted blood that is the result of the bruised blood vessel which further results in discoloration of the skin. With the passing days, the mark tends to change colours from red to brown or a deep purple before finally healing completely. Hickeys are a result of a heat-of-the-moment kind of thing and that is what results in the bruise.

But how long these hickeys do last is definitely a matter of great concern.

The duration the hickey lasts:

The time a hickey needs to heal properly varies from person to person and never has a fixed amount of time because every person’s healing depends on how their body works although the healing time can be decreased with some other remedies.

• Without any remedy:

It has been very widely noted that the hickey can last up to 10 to 14 days, depending on the amount of pressure and passion put into making the love bite. If the hickey is left to be cured on its own, it may take a longer time to disappear, and you might have to wear the turtlenecks for a longer duration to hide them.

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• With remedy:

There are several natural remedies which can quicken up the healing process of the hickey, and the mark is noted to be visibly gone in under a week or so. Some of the tricks and treats to help get rid of the hickey marls are listed below.

Application of ice:

It has been priorly mentioned that the hickeys are simply bruises that tend to happen when a blood vessel is ruptured and thus needs to be treated like another bruise. One of the most effective ways to treat the hickeys is cold compress. Application of ice packs to the bruised area helps in healing the broken and ruptured capillaries and thereby diminishes the bleeding and hence the clotting of the blood. The application of ice not only helps with the pain of the hickey but also helps in reducing the swelling of the area. Application of spoons frozen in the refrigerator to the affected area of the hickey can help in making the hickey fade away faster.

Application of Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is very well known for its moisturizing, and anti-inflammatory properties and application of aloe vera over the affected area not only reduces the swelling but also helps in the colour of the hickey to fade away faster and even moisturize and smoothen the skin surrounding the area of the bruise.

Massage the area:

Massaging the area surrounding the hickey is yet another way to make the hickey mark fade faster. The application of pressure through the massages are a great way to bring the blood flow back to normal and proper blood circulation is the key to having the bruise heal faster.

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Application of heat:

Just like the cold application, heat application works the same way by helping the muscles surrounding the hickey relax which in turn opens up the blood vessels and thereby regulating the blood circulation of the body.

Keep the area above the heart elevated:

If the hickey is on the neck, sleeping on a pillow or two, making sure the head is a bit elevated can restrict the blood from pooling around the neck region which can be a bit helpful to make the hickey fade faster.

Intake of Vitamin C and Vitamin K:

A lack of Vitamins and irons can delay the healing of the bruise and thereby supplementing the lack of these can quicken the healing rate of the hickey. Oranges and any citrus fruits are highly suggested.

Are hickeys harmful?

In simple words, hickeys are simply the bruises that bring you “pleasure”. But are they harmful? Well, it might not be of big concern if the hickey is not that much worse and a simple and a light bruise but anything worse than that can lead to many problems ranging from the restricted blood flow to even improper blood circulation which can be fatal for the health of the person.

To summarize it all:

Hickeys can be of varying sizes and that depends on the amount of force or pressure that is put into the sucking or biting of the skin which in turn causes the capillaries in the underlying endoderm to rupture, and the blood seeps out to the neighbouring tissues and forms the clot which we see as hickeys. The amount of time the hickeys stay depends on the body of the person and how fast their body reacts to the healing process. The process can be quickened with the application of several natural remedies like hot or cold compress to the area surrounding it or even Aloe Vera or oranges are quite effective in making the marks fade away faster.

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A hickey may last up to 7 to 14 days on an average if left as it is. Hickeys can be sometimes pleasurable and fun but at times can be embarrassing and even inappropriate in front of family and business people, so it is always preferable to ask for your partner’s permission before you go on attacking them and marking them up. Hickeys may not seem dangerous but severe cases have been reported of fatal occurrences, even death because of these due to accumulation of the blood resulting in restricted blood flow to the different organs of the body.