Pain Under Right Breast

Pain Under Right BreastPain is something that we all feel all the time in varying amounts and degrees. Pain is something that is both personal and public, and the hard part about pain is knowing when you should keep it to yourself and when you should talk to a medical professional about it. One thing to know in terms of public vs private is chest pain. Chest pain is always an indicator of something serious, so you need to always make sure you contact your doctor when you are feeling any amount of it. If you are having pain right under your breast – your right one – here are some things you may be suffering from.

1. Rib Damage
One of the most common reasons for having a sharp or constant pain right under your right breast is from damage to the ribs. This could be due to stress of injury when falling, etc. As such, the ribs will give you a sharp pain when you start to move them and twist. It could also be a sign of a broken rib. Since broken ribs can sometimes puncture a lung, it’s important to make sure that you always go and see a doctor about getting an X Ray to make sure that it is okay. A doctor can also do a physical exam to make sure that it is not a break, but just a bruised rib.

2. Costochondritis
This is the most common reason for sharp pain excluding any obvious injuries to the area. Costochondritis is just a fancy work for “injury”. It means, essentially, that you’ve strained the muscles in your sternum near your chest and they are hurting because they are trying to heal and you are straining them even further. It’s easy to think that you have hurt the organ underneath, but there is muscle on top of your organs, and the odds are in your favour that you’ve simply hurt the muscle on top of it. This will go away over time, just like any injury or strain that you would get in other parts of your body.

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3. Pancreatitis
This organ is near your stomach, but sometimes the pain will show up under your right rib. When the pancreas gets irritated, it will swell up, which will mean that it needs more room in your body for itself. This causes the pain under you breast and it needs to be looked at by a doctor so that the reason for the pancreatitis can be checked out. In most situations, it is simply a matter of medications or a change of your routine, but it can often require more work if it is left too long without a doctor’s visit.

4. Kidney Stones
This is a problem that is often not diagnosed until a crisis moment where a person is writhing on the floor and needs to be rushed to the emergency room. Often, though, there are times where there are signs of kidney stones in feeling pain under or around the right chest. Your kidneys are actually at the back of your body, often feeling similar to back pain, but can sometimes be felt when moving around your body. If you feel transient pain, it’s important to make sure that you head to the doctor, because it could be an indicator of kidney stones that are on the move to give you a crisis situation.

5. Hiatal Hernia
This is a rare condition that means your stomach has come in contact with your diaphragm and, actually, invades it. This causes sharp pain and difficulty breathing amongst other problems. You’ll notice it by realizing that, on top of these symptoms (or, perhaps as a precursor) you’ll be having chest pain beneath your right breast and it will feel similar to heartburn, or a burning sensation that persists for a bit of time. Enough time that you should definitely look into going to the doctor of the emergency room if you feel it is strong enough. This is a serious medical condition that must be taken seriously.

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6. Gall Stones
Gall stones are more popular than you might want to believe, but they are dealt with using medication or, sometimes, with surgical removal of the gall bladder. When stones are formed in your gall bladder from a build up up bile or other products, they will give you pain in your lungs, in your back and definitely under your right breast. You will know that it is gall stones because you will feel nauseous and will be vomiting regularly. You should go to the emergency room to make sure it doesn’t become an incredibly serious condition that can result in serious complications down the road. As with kidney stones, early detection is certainly key to success.

7. Pleurisy
This happens when the lining of the lung swells up to the point that it starts to push on the muscles and bone around it. You’ll feel the pain in your chest and it will be hard to breathe as well as cough and sneeze, etc. When this happens, you need to immediately go to a doctor to make sure that you are okay. This is certainly an emergent case without a doubt, so it needs to be taken seriously so that you are okay. Remember that anytime your breathing is involved, you need to take quick action.

Chest pain is always an indicator that something is wrong, but oftentimes the kind of pain you are feeling can tell you more about what you are actually suffering from. So, while you need always take the right approach to chest pain (taking it seriously), these common conditions for pain under the right breast should help you understand a little bit better about what exactly you are dealing with. All of this could help a doctor with a diagnosis, too, and start him/her in the right direction as far as tests and exams go. Use this as a warning guide and you will be okay.

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