Reducing Cholesterol in Your Diet

cholesterol reducing foods

There are several things you can do to reduce your cholesterol in your diet. One of the first things you can do is reduce the serving size. The second thing you can do is to eat green leafy vegetables, including romaine lettuce and green vegetables. Be sure to include fruit in your diet. Remember a lot of these foods have calcium in them, and it builds up in your blood stream and then causes your heart to stop. So be careful. Several things have calcium in it and you need some calcium, but be careful to read the labels of the foods that you eat. Limit the amount of meat you eat to about 3 oz. Cook food until it’s done and cook with olive oil or water. When you can, cook meat in conventional oven.

If you can digest peppers, sweet green, red and yellow peppers will reduce your cholesterol. They can be cooked with a little olive oil and garlic. Limit this as well to a average serving size. it works quickly and will reduce your cholesterol. Include fish and nuts to increase your good cholesterol. If your good cholesterol is up then your bad cholesterol will come down quicker. Apples also reduces blood pressure, as well. Eat slowly and chew your food. Drink water. Limit your soda intake because of the carbohydrates. Soda and candy will also increase your bad cholesterol to a dangerous level and will clog your arteries.

If you are a pizza lover, instead of ordering that cheese pizza, order a vegetable pizza. The taste of the vegetables will be covered up with the sauce and cheese. Eat only 1 or 2 pieces at a time. Have plenty of variety in your diet. Stay away from lunch meat, because it has the preservative in it that will increase your risk of stroke and heart failure. If you are going to eat lunch meat, eat only 2 pieces of lunch meat on your sandwich. As if you were making it last. The preservative in the lunch meat can be very dangerous. Don’t eat it everyday. Add garlic to your diet. Any thing that you can eat that gets rid of the antitoxins is good, to help clean out your system. Be careful with the coffee. As my understanding of caffeine is that it can be toxic like Alcohol.. Alcohol also increases your cholesterol. Such as your triglycerides.

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Exercise is very important to reduce cholesterol. if you are confined to a chair, any part you that can move, do so. Any exercise will be beneficial. Also if you are confined to a chair then eat much less, as your body doesn’t require as much calories as it did when you were younger or active.

To reduce the plaque in your arteries, you must limit the amount of candy that you eat, as this will build up quickly. If your arteries get clogged anybody could have a stroke, at any age. A small amount of dark chocolate is good for your good cholesterol. But be very careful that your don’t add to much candy, as this will definitely clog your arteries.. Adjusting your diet will reduce the risk of stroke and heart failure and will reduce plaque in your diet. Try to include a little Vitamin D in your diet. Either in a dish or on cereal. Remember that these old diseases still exist in this country, such as rickets, Be careful with the amount of milk and ice cream in your diet. If you are trying to reduce your cholesterol, limit the cereal to 3 times a week, and only the recommended serving size at a time. If the box says 3/4 cup is a serving size, then only eat that much. It also recommends that you only use 1/2 cup of milk. Then that is all you use, even if you have to add water to it.

Don’t forget to eat red meat, fish and vegetables everyday in your diet. Protein will give you the strength that your body needs, Depending on your level of activity. If you have a active job, then increase the protein level, a little, but remember it all adds up to increase cholesterol. If you like to eat sweets, then increase your greens, then all those sweets, the doctor won’t notice, because your cholesterol.will right wear it belongs. I include cereal in my diet, because of the many vitamins in it.

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Remember you don’t have to tell the doctor everything. Just answer the questions briefly that he asks. I am not an expert, just a patient that believes that to recover from a serious heart problem, I have to investigate and heal myself.