Roof of Mouth Sore

Roof of Mouth Sore

A lot of infections can develop inside the mouth or around it. These infections can come about due to a wide number of reasons. Maybe they first started off with burns due to hot food but later turned into infections. Maybe bacterial levels spiked up due to your diet or failure to brush your teeth or use mouth wash at the right time.

Most of them look really nasty but aren’t all that serious. Some look quite harmless, but can actually pose a threat to your health by making you susceptible to infection. Others don’t look too bad, but are just very painful. Whatever the case may be, you need to handle roof of mouth sores the right way. Otherwise, you might just end up making matters worse. It’s much better to over react rather than letting things slide and end up with a medical emergency on your hands. While it is true that what you’re feeling is probably going to go away given enough time, you need to be proactive. That way, you can get help ahead of time.

Whatever sore you may have at the roof of your mouth, keep in mind that there are practical ways you can get a handle on them. You don’t have to buy expensive medication. A lot of these remedies are pretty straightforward and don’t cost much money. You just have to put up with them for some time until the sore goes away.

Typical Causes of Roof-of-Mouth Sore

To solve any problem, it’s always a good idea to have a clear understanding of the cause of the problem. It’s going to be very difficult for you to fix any kind of health problem if you have a very fuzzy idea of the cause. In many situations, the remedy that you should try is determined by the cause of the condition.

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The causes of sores at the roof of the mouth can range from burns, cold sores, mouth infection, canker sores, or oral cancer. Now, don’t freak out. People always get overly worried when they see the word cancer. You really can’t blame them, but keep in mind that these are extreme cases.
For the most part, the causes of roof-of-mouth sores are usually pretty benign like burns, cold sores, and infections. People do eat hot food, and in many cases they rush while eating and end up burning the roof of their mouth. Similarly, cold sores are viral infections and can spread fairly quickly. The same applies to canker sores. If you don’t brush your teeth often enough, you might be susceptible to mouth infection.

Now that you have a relatively clear idea of what causes roof-of-mouth sores, here are some effective ways to deal with them.

Eat Yogurt

Yogurt has a very soothing effect on your sore. The cool temperature and soft texture of yogurt goes a long way in making some of the sting and sensitivity of roof of mouth sores go away. While it may not offer permanent relief, you at least get some temporary relief from the sting and sharp pain roof of mouth sores often have. Yogurt also comes packed with nutrients that will help the healing process. When you eat yogurt instead of rough food, you coat the infected parts of your mouth and facilitate eventual healing.

Baking Soda

Applying baking soda to the sore is a great way of cleaning the surrounding area and paving the way for tissue regeneration. If you’re using baking soda, keep in mind that you’re basically just cleaning out your mouth and decreasing its acidity to facilitate that natural healing process. The soda helps reduce bacteria growth which can pave the way for faster and smoother healing.

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The flesh at the roof of your mouth is naturally regenerating. When you use baking soda, you’re just giving it the hygiene it requires to properly do its job.

Maintaining a Bland Diet

Stay away from acidic or salty diets if you tend to develop mouth sores. By eating mostly starchy diets that are not very spicy, you can prevent inflammation and irritation of the roof of your mouth. If you eat spicy or salty food, your sore can be irritated continuously and won’t have proper time to heal. Let things settle down a bit by choosing to eat food that are light on salt and spices. This will give the tissue in that area enough time to properly heal.

Eat Vitamin-Rich Foods

Foods that are rich in vitamin C are very helpful when it comes to tissue repair and regeneration.
As mentioned above, your body is already naturally healing itself. This is its default process. Regardless of the injury to whatever tissue, the healing process takes place almost immediately. By loading up on foods that are rich in vitamin C and other crucial vitamins, you jump-start the healing process that is already ongoing. Increasing your vitamin intake also helps offset the impact of stress or other factors that may hamper your body’s natural healing process. Your body automatically starts healing itself. You just need to make sure there are no factors that get in the way. Offset those factors by making sure you take the proper vitamins and nutrients.

Don’t Stress Out

The last thing that you want to do is to assume the worst. You might be thinking that you have mouth cancer. You might be thinking that this is the end of the world. You’re putting yourself through unnecessary stress. This high level stress is going to sidetrack your body’s natural healing process.

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Don’t allow yourself to stress out unnecessarily by automatically assuming the worst. Just wait for two weeks to pass. By that time, the sore at the roof of your mouth should be fully healed.

Keep the tips above in mind so you can know how to properly handle roof of mouth sore. It’s not as bad as you think. Keep in mind that you can also try certain home remedies like drinking milk, using a soft toothbrush, cleaning out the infected area, and gargling salty water. These help to an extent. If anything, they disinfect your mouth to facilitate healing.