What are early signs of liver damage?

early signs of liver damage
early signs of liver damage

So many parts of our body are working together to make perform well and make it work. From brain to kidneys, every part has own role to play. The liver also has a huge importance. It’s the largest organ of our body and it is below the diaphragm. It has the weight of 3 pounds and it can easily expend too. There are two lobs, right and left one. Both are separated by a ligament called as falciform. The right lobe is larger and it is a metabolically active organ, goes same for the left one too. There are many functions completed by it but the main functions are –

  1. Used in bile production and also in the excretion too
  2. It also excretes bilirubin, hormones, drugs, and cholesterol
  3. It helps in the activation of the enzyme
  4. Glycogen, minerals and vitamins store here
  5. The synthesis of things like plasma protein occur here
  6. Blood is detoxified and purification also.

These are some of the major things done by the liver but some people face an early sign of liver damage which can occur due to alcohol and such other things. Most of the time, drinking alcohol can cause such issues. The alcohol-related liver diseases are hard to notice in beginner stages but there are some symptoms that can help in figuring out the issue.

Signs in Early Stage

If someone is drinking a lot and he is in the early stage of liver damage then the below given are some of the signs that can let someone know about it. The symptoms are –

  • Abdominal pain which is also known as tummy pain. It can occur every time the victim drinks alcohol.
  • The appetite is important because it makes you feel hungry on time but the desire to eat food will be decreased by many times.
  • The tiredness feeling is called as fatigue and victim can easily face fatigue feeling most of the time.
  • The victim can feel sick even there is no issue like an increase in temperature or illness, but the feelings will keep rising up.
  • The victim may find issues like diarrhea and it mainly occurs in early stages. Many people don’t notice it earlier but it can cause an issue.
  • The unwell feeling is similar to feeling sick and you can easily find that the unwell feeling.
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The above given are some of the common and early sign of liver damage. You can easily find these issues in a liver damage victim and there are some advanced signs too which are hard to notice but surely they can help in figuring out the issue.

What are advanced symptoms?

Many advanced symptoms are also there which can let someone know whether there is any sort of issue or not. Check out the below-given list of advanced symptoms to know more about it. If the liver becomes highly damaged there are more obvious and serious symptoms which develop easily and easy to notice.

  • Eyes become whiten and the skin becomes pale yellow
  • Legs stars to swelling and same go for ankles and feet
  • Palm turn out blotchy red
  • Abdomen start to swell because ascites fluid build up
  • The temperature automatically rises and turn to be fever
  • Skin becomes itchy and hair start to lose down
  • The fingertips and nails become curved
  • The memory problem is too high and the confusion is highly faced issue.
  • Muscle start wasting and weakness occurs

Even there are many more symptoms but the above given are major symptoms that are easy to find and one can easily get rid of all the issues.


Almost everyone wants to live a healthy life but it is not that easy as if someone has damaged the liver. From suffering the pain to hospital bills, almost every single factor become troublesome but the question arrive regarding treatment. Is there any effective treatment? Well, yes. There are several treatments but it requires endurance of patient and dedication to leave alcohol permanently.

  • If the patient is in the early stage of liver damage then there are chances that your liver will automatically recover in a couple of months but one need to quit drinking alcohol.
  • Medication is available but the doctor will completely examine you and ask few questions to ensure that you will leave drinking or not.
  • Patient has to take healthy diet and eat balanced food so that he/she can start recovery and improve the immune system. it will take time but treatment is possible.
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These are some important things that a patient needs to take into consideration. Medication can help in faster recovery but still, a person can’t leave drinking completely or he/she is highly addicted to it then there are so many rehab centers to help out.

Taking Psychological Therapy

A person needs to be prepared from mind to leave alcohol permanently and it can easily take many months to a person. However, one should also be dedicated to leaving it permanently no matter how someone insists to drink together. It is all about having good willpower and the thought in mind to leave drinking forever. If someone wants better results then rehab centers will be the perfect choice to go with. It is a reliable option and lots of people use these centers.


Prevention is better than cure is a well known quote but very few pay attention to the deep meaning in it. Almost everyone can stay healthy and decrease chances of liver damage by limiting alcohol intake by a small amount. People who take drugs to stay high and also drink alcohol should focus on it. These are some easy method of prevention which can help. Taking whiskey can be harmful but a proper amount of beer intake is good for health and improving metabolism that’s why you can rely on this method.

Make sure to limit yourself and avoid staying around people who drink alcohol on frequent bases onto avoid alcohol.