Can a Strata Corporation request a form B?

How much does a Strata Corporation charge for a form B? The maximum a strata corporation can charge for a Form B is $35 plus up to 25 cents per page for copying including photocopying or other means of reproduction. Sometimes a rush fee is charged by the strata corporation or the strata property manager if the Form B is requested with less than 7 days notice.

How do I submit a form to my strata? By clicking “submit” you are authorizing the cost of the requested form and supporting documents to be billed to your strata account. Form requests submitted after 10am will be processed the next business day. PLEASE NOTE – All documents are subject to a $.25/page fee plus tax in addition to the cost of the form.

What is strata property regulation? Strata Property Regulation—Form C (Mortgagee’s Request for Notification) Under s. 59 of the Strata Property Act, S.B.C. 1998, c. 43, a strata corporation is required, on application of a strata lot owner, purchaser, or person authorized by an owner or purchaser, to deliver a certificate with respect to certain enumerated matters.

When do I need a form B information certificate? It is prudent to obtain a Form B—Information Certificate when acting for a purchaser, owner, or mortgagee of a strata lot because of the variety of important information about the strata lot and the strata corporation included in the certificate. This is prescribed Form B of the Strata Property Regulation, B.C. Reg. 43/2000.

How much does a Strata Corporation charge for a form B?

What is a strata form B? The Form B sets out information relating to the strata corporation and its financial affairs including the amount of the strata fees payable, the amounts of any outstanding or approved special levies, whether there are any new bylaws that have been recently approved, how many strata lots in the development may be rented, etc…

Are strata fees still due to the Strata Corporation? Yes, strata fees are still due and owing. Until the new budget is approved, an owner must continue to pay to the strata corporation the same monthly strata fees that they were required to pay under the previous budget. May a strata corporation prevent an owner from standing for council if the strata lot is in arrears of strata fees?

What happens when an owner is in arrears of strata fees? An owner is in arrears of strata fees and the strata corporation is responsible for repairing certain damage inside the owner’s strata lot.

What is the difference between strata levies and management fees? To start with, it is important to understand the difference between Strata Levies and Management Fees. Strata levies are the quarterly fees raised by the body corporate and are paid by all owners within the property. These are the fees you would be familiar with as an owner that you pay each quarter.

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