Is jergens safe during pregnancy?

Jergens is one of the most affordable self tanners on this list that’s a great product for pregnant women. I’m baffled that something so cheap can give out such a great result. Get your sun-soothing tan in just 60 seconds. It’s lightweight formula isn’t too heavy on the skin and only gets to the top layer of the skin.

Are there any lotion brands that are safe for pregnant women? The Bella Jade brand happens to create lotions that are safe for everyone, but pregnant women can jump right in and enjoy these products as well. The body buttercream is chock full of ingredients that your skin will love, such as coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter as well, but the lotion could help with wrinkles and stretch marks too.

Is it safe to use a self tanner during pregnancy? Self-Tanners During Pregnancy. But you’re wise to eschew tanning beds, booths, and sunbathing during pregnancy (and frankly, anytime). Exposure to UV rays can cause premature aging and skin cancer, so play it safe and protect your skin. As for self-tanners, or sunless tanners, the jury’s still out on whether they’re 100 percent safe to use…

Do you need to avoid chemical sunscreen during pregnancy? This is primarily because purely mineral based sunscreens are hard to find in a lotion, they tend to give the skin a white cast. (You can read about why I think you need to avoid chemical sunscreens during pregnancy .)

What is the best lotion for pregnant women?

What is the best lotion for pregnant women? Here Are Your Options for Best Body Lotion for Pregnancy Carribean Cacao Ultimate Cocoa Butter. Bella Jade Pistachio Buddy Butter. Shea Butter Triple Moisture Body Butter. Body Merry Stretch Marks and Scars Defense Cream – Daily Moisturizer with Organic Cocoa Butter, Shea, Plant Oils, and Vitamins.

Are natural products safe during pregnancy? Though pregnancy can often cause hormonal acne, lots of our fave zit-zappers contain the likes of benzoyl peroxide and retinol. Ditch them and opt for more natural products where you can. Word has it that Kourtney Kardashian LOVES Mama Mio products. They’re all natural products are safe to use during pregnancy and when you are breastfeeding.

What facial moisturizers are safe during pregnancy? Whether rollercoaster hormones have made your skin dry, oily or ultra-sensitive, it’s a good bet this hyaluronic acid-based, pregnancy-safe face moisturizer will be your pregnancy skin care hero. The acid, which is already naturally produced by our body, is a long-lasting moisturizing and anti-ageing superstar.

Are skin lightening products safe to use during pregnancy? Some lightening products may be safe, but it is best to check the list of ingredients on the product to be sure there are none that are unsafe for you during pregnancy. Skin lightening creams, lotions or washes may contain a wide variety of ingredients, some that may not be safe for pregnant mums.

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