Where can u buy preggie pops?

Where to Buy Preggie Pops? Preggie Pops are available in-store and online at most major retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Meijer, GNC, so many others. Check out our search tool to find a store with Preggie Pops near you or find an online retailer.

What are the benefits of preggie pop drops? See all our Three Lollies products: Preggie Pops for strong morning sickness relief, Preggie Pop Drops Plus with 10mg vitamin B6 for extra-strong morning sickness relief and finally Queasy Pops for all-purpose nausea relief due to sickness, traveling, car/air travel, pregnancy, morning sickness, medications – even chemotherapy and post-anesthesia.

When to use preggie Pops during first trimester? Preggie Pops are most often used by mamas who are suffering from pregnancy nausea. This might be first trimester morning sickness, persistent all-day sickness during pregnancy, or even mamas suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), a severe form of pregnancy nausea. Pregnant mamas looking for an all-natural energy boost during the day

Is there a sugar free version of preggie Pops? However, we offer a sugar-free version that is sweetened with Splenda. These are perfect for mamas with gestational diabetes, or anyone looking for a sugar-free alternative. We also offer a USDA Certified Organic option of our Preggie Pop Drops.

What are the flavors of preggie pop drops? Preggie Pop Drops: Individually wrapped lozenges available in four flavors: sour raspberry, sour lemon, green apple, sour tangerine Preggie Pop Drops Plus: Individually wrapped lozenges that contain vitamin B6, available in two flavors: sour lemon, sour raspberry Organic Preggie Pop Drops: Our USDA certified organic version

How are preggie pop drops help with morning sickness?

How are preggie pop drops help with morning sickness? Ease morning sickness the natural way with the Preggie Pop Morning Sickness Drops – Sour Raspberry, Green Apple, Sour Lemon & Sour Tangerine – 21ct from Three Lollies. These delicious sour fruit drops provide an effective way to soothe the tummy, alleviate dry mouth and gives a quick energy boost as you take on the day.

What are the benefits of preggie Pops during pregnancy? Preggie Pops are also great for relieving a persistent dry mouth, giving a little energy boost, distracting from bad odors (you know that pregnancy super sense of smell you’ve got going on), and are great for when you’re in labor.

How often should I take preggie Pops plus? For Preggie Pop Drops Plus, you should take one drop as needed every 4+ hours without exceeding six in a 24-hour period. Are Preggie Pops Safe? Absolutely!

What’s the difference between a preggie pop and a pop drop? These candies contain no artificial flavors, are all individually wrapped, and have been used and loved by mamas worldwide. Preggie Pops are lollipops available in 7 different flavors, and Preggie Pop Drops are a lozenge-type hard candy available in sour fruit flavors.

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