Will progesterone suppositories affect my husband?

No – progesterone suppositories will not have any sort of negative impact on your partner. Once the suppository is inserted, you can still have sex at no risk to you or your partner. However, due to the fact that you may have extra discharge than usual after insertion, you may want to plan intercourse accordingly.

How much progesterone is in a suppository? Progesterone suppositories are a type of vaginal suppository typically containing between 50-400 mg of progesterone. Once inserted into the vagina, the suppository slowly releases progesterone into the body where it can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Who are progesterone suppositories for?

Are there any side effects to taking progesterone? In general, progesterone suppositories are harmless and do not cause any potentially harmful side effects to you, your baby, or your partner. For women taking progesterone suppositories, some of the most common side effects include: Other rare side effects that require medical attention include:

Can a progesterone suppository affect a pregnancy test? Manda is right – it only picks up level of HCG. just to add be careful with the clearblue tests, I got a false negative after a certain hcg level with my pregnancy – caused so much heartache thinking it had gone wrong when it hadn’t. Progesterone can’t interfere with any tests tho.

Is it OK to have sex while taking progesterone? Having sex while undergoing a treatment of progesterone suppositories is perfectly fine! However, you may want to be strategic with your timing. Progesterone suppositories can be messy and may cause some discharge after insertion.

Do progesterone suppositories really work?

Do progesterone suppositories really work? Progesterone suppositories contain the hormone progesterone and work by altering the lining of the uterus. They are available by prescription and are typically used as part of an assisted reproductive technology program, according to Drugs.com. The product may also be used to facilitate embryo implantation and early pregnancy in some women.

Does Prometrium cause weight gain? Doctors use Prometrium primarily for treating women who do not have a menstrual period due to a lack of progesterone in the body. A common side effect of Prometrium is weight gain. Weight loss revolves around burning more calories than you consume to create a deficit.

What are the side effects of oral progesterone? As is the case with most oral hormone supplements, taking progesterone pills can expose you to a variety of unpleasant side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness, back pain, breast tenderness, puffiness in hands and feet, mood swings, irritability, hot flashes, bowel problems, digestion issues, etc.

How are progesterone pills taken vaginally? Do not take by mouth. Progesterone vaginal is for use only in the vagina . Insert this medicine directly into the vagina using only the applicator provided. Use a disposable applicator only once and then throw it away. Progesterone vaginal suppositories are made at the pharmacy and provided in a special container.

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